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Are you a “piler”? If you are, you know just what I mean (I’m naturally this way too!). If you aren’t – a piler is someone who generally uses “piles” (most commonly of paper) to remind themselves of things yet to do, things they don’t want to forget about or just plain stuff that is in a holding pattern until its fate has been decided. Most pilers are visual, thus, the piles.

Well, if you are one, or you know or love one, here’s an easy tip for you Pilers out there. Instead of stacking your paperwork, try this:

Magazine File

Paper generally stores better horizontally, rather than vertically. If you use a magazine file like this, simply categorize your paper into things like: To Read, To Do, To Mail, or whatever categories make sense to you.

Don’t like that? Love your piles, but they are taking up too much space on your desktop or kitchen counter (or, eek – your bed)? Here’s another one:

Stacking Letter Trays

This is another option, but still is the same concept if you still categorize. Inbox on top, with categories that make sense to you. Remember, put “like” things together and you’ll be less likely to lose stuff!

So hey, it’s not that you have to color code everything, be perfect – just do what you do in a more efficient way, and use what works for you!  Anyone a piler out there?


Pendaflex has come out with a great line of products for those who “pile”. Check them out HERE. There are lots of options that help you organize your piles, and use what works for you. If you have used this product, let us know what you think!

One thought on “Your Piles – Organized!”

  1. Hi, Brandie, I definitely fall into the category of “piler”, but long ago, I realized there is a HUGE difference between a miscellaneous pile and what I call a MIGHTY pile.

    The minute a pile becomes random, it has a way of disappearing from our visual field, it’s almost like our brain says, “too much information for me to process, I will just ignore that!”.

    Mighty piles are stacks of related information that are grouped together either because they are all part of the same project or need the same type of attention, such as “bills to pay”.

    hope this helps!


    jessica from It’s Not About Your Stuff

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