What’s Your Clutter Costing You?

Did you know that your clutter might be costing you money and precious time?

The cost of ownership.

Everything we own has a cost of ownership.   Cleaning, storage, upkeep and time to do all those things is the cost of ownership for everything that occupies space in our lives. For example, a table needs polish and wiping down on a regular basis, not to mention a footprint to occupy in the floor-plan.  Clothing needs cleaning, storage space and a hanger to live on. File cabinets need cleaning out, repair if they break and files to fill them.

It’s not just the original price tag.

If you look around your home or office, everything that you own has a cost – and not just the price tag you paid when you initially bought it. Thinking about this before buying something new can give you a better perspective on how many resources are needed to take care of things.

More stuff = more time to care for it.

If there’s too much stuff, it can take up valuable time that could be spent doing something else: like going out to dinner with a friend or reading a really great book.   Simplifying, editing and re-evaluation can free up some of that time.  The value of any item is more than just its price tag, but how much time and resources it takes to keep it and take care of it.

So hey, what’s your clutter and your extra stuff costing you?

3 thoughts on “What’s Your Clutter Costing You?”

  1. Hey Brandie–After a series of moves and deaths in our extended family over the past year, we ended up with TONS of extra STUFF. Our big house was busting at the seams, every nook and cranny filled with things that didn’t even belong to us.

    As we are working on clearing out the excess from our garage and basement, we have found that we own 13 identical rose & flower sprays, 8 jugs of vitamin supplements for new plants, 6 Makita drills and two lawn edgers, and a never used stereo system, among a million other things. When you get so much stuff, you not only have to deal with the frustration of finding, organizing, maintaining (and funding) places to put it all, but you end up repurchasing things because you couldn’t find what you needed.

    I am all for editing and simplifying your life so you can really enjoy what you love, have a beautiful home and not waste your life maintaining gadgets and other meaningless things. Thanks for the post.

  2. Wow! It’s always a difficult thing to lose someone you love and then have to deal with closure and their earthly possessions as well.
    In the Portland, Oregon Metro area, there is a company called DoughNation Services (http://www.doughnationservices.com) that has a wonderful service for this very purpose. They give you a wonderful report and paperwork for all of your items, and then find homes for them out in the community. You can choose the charity or they will take it where it is needed most. A wonderful way to honor someone is to “pay it forward”!

  3. Clutter makes me nervous and anxious. I hate knowing that there are piles of things hiding in the garage, drawers, on the kitchen counter, the nightstand, etc. I make a concerted effort to like the “one in—one out” rule AND throw away at least one useless thing a day. This helps my peace of mind considerably. To me, the mental stress clutter causes costs more than renting that storage locker. But that’s just me.

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