Tools + Attitude = What You Need To Work From Home

This guest post is by Kathy Condon.

Through my coaching years, I have heard repeatedly – “I can’t work at home, I get too distracted”.  That statement has become so prevalent employers are using that as an excuse not to allow their employees to work from home.

As gas prices skyrocketed, employers decided the four-day workweek was the answer to help their employees. Only they didn’t think about the fact that the employee has an hour commute in traffic each way. The ten-hour days and two hours of driving time gave families even less hours in the day to connect with each other.

People yearn for the ability to do their job from home. Yet, before you go out and ask your boss to help make this happen, it is time to evaluate yourself. Do you have what it takes to be productive in your home office?

Things to consider…

Tools Needed:

  1. Do you have a space that is devoted to your work?
  2. Do you have an up-to-date computer, printer, and scanner handy?
  3. Do you have clutter free, flat surfaces for stretching out projects?
  4. Are there file drawers available for filing the papers that flow in?

Attitude Needed:

  1. Have you figured out if you are a morning or an evening person? It is important to know when you are the most productive. In my case, I’m up at 5:15 a.m., shower, coffee and read the newspaper – all of which is accomplished by 6:30 a.m. Then it is time to begin my day. For others, you who are night owls….great! Use your creative energy in the evening.
  2. Learning to leave the household chores is probably the hardest one to deal with. Yet, if you handle those chores when you can feel your creative energy lagging, it proves to be the perfect time to break up your day. For example, I know, 1:30 p.m. is the low part of my day. Frankly, I often take a 20-minute nap. I use about an hour to take care of household duties.
  3. If you are an Extrovert and get your energy from other people, working at home can be the kiss of death. You long to have simple interaction with others. When you are in an office and go to the break room for a cup of coffee often ends up in a quick, fun conversation with someone. When you are home, your journey to the kitchen will probably reveal the dirty dishes….not fun.

Many of you who have read this are thinking, “Well, I do some of that.” The trick is that if you want to work from home I found the three things listed above are necessary. If you have and do the things listed above, then it is time to go to your boss and talk about a possibly working from home.

© Kathy Condon 2009

About the Author:

Kathy Condon is a certified Executive Performance Coach, international speaker, trainer, and award-winning published author.  She is driven by a distinct purpose to motivate others to achieve and contribute their full potential.    Her book “It Doesn’t Hurt to Ask: It’s all about Communication” was recently named “Best Book Award Finalist by USA Book News“.Her popular free Ezine “Weekly Wisdom” offers insights and thought provoking comments about current events, business communication and career issues.  For more information about Kathy’s training subjects, books and to subscribe to her free Ezine, visit her website:  Kathy can also be reached at (360) 695-4313 or

One thought on “Tools + Attitude = What You Need To Work From Home”

  1. This is a great tool for those who haven’t worked from home in the past. I find understanding my peak energy times is key. When I try to work around my natural clock it can take me twice as long to complete a task. I am most creative in the evening when my mind slows down, so I save activities that need inspired creativity for late evening when I can muse without interruptions. Corporate America can demand specific work at specific times. I would like to see us evolve away from this one size all approach. We all have our own natural clocks and we can be more productive when we pay attention to them.

    Angela Todd
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