Time Management: The O-Myth with Ronnie Noize

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Today on The O-Myth:

Today Krista Colvin and I had our first O-Myth BlogTalkRadio show! We were happy to have Ronnie Noize, The Marketing Coach joining us to talk about how there’s just never enough time in the day. Ever felt that way? Here’s a few things Ronnie shared with us today:

  • Use systems to make life easier: Routines and tracking systems will go a long way to making life easier.
  • Systems make sure things get done: Ever gone through your day and wondered what the heck you accomplished? Too many of us live life unconsciously and don’t get to the things we want or need to do. Using routines and systems help you go about your day with purpose!
  • Email doesn’t have to rule your life: This was especially insightful. Ronnie shared with us that she doesn’t read every email she gets. Some people will use email to get too familiar or ask for things they wouldn’t otherwise. She heavily screens her email, and not all of them are opened (some are just flat out deleted). Very interesting, and caused me to think…

If you couldn’t make it live, you can listen to the audio here.

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