Tickler File, Your Style

Event tickets, maps, invitations, registration forms, oh my!  Paper with dates need homes where you can easily find them on the day of your event.  So, how can you keep it all together?  One idea is a tickler file, and there are lots of ways to adapt it to your personality and style (I’ve given you a starting point below).  Here’s how you set it up the framework of this system:

What you’ll need:

1 box of manila file folders, 1/3 Cut (you’ll need 43 overall)


1/2 vertical file drawer for storage

Here’s how you do it:

Take twelve of the middle tab folders and write the name of of a month on each, January – December.  Then, take thirty-one of the right tab folders and label them 1-31, for the days of the month.  Here’s what the setup looks like (I also used hanging files, but you don’t have to):

tickler file

How to use it:

  • Check your Tickler File each day, emptying the day’s folder and placing it behind the next month (see above).
  • Store tickets, maps and other date sensitive information in the date folder so you know right where it is
  • Use the month folders to store reminders
  • Put a reminder in your calendar to check your tickler file, or do several days at a time.

Make it your own:

  • Only use the month folders for an easier more streamlined system (reality check – this is what I do).  Using it this way also enables you to place this system on your desktop.  😉
  • Store a list of special events like birthdays and anniversaries in each month.  (Be sure to check the month ahead so you don’t forget grandma’s birthday!)
  • Use color!  Use colorful folders and label using letter stamps or rub-on lettering (found in most scrapbooking sections of craft stores).
  • Hang it on the wall – if you need to see it so you remember it exists, put it in a series of wall pockets to keep it in your line of sight.

Have fun with this system!  If you have an adapted way of using a tickler file, I’d love to hear about it, so leave a comment and tell us what you do!

7 thoughts on “Tickler File, Your Style”

  1. 31 days is too many folders, but only one folder for the current month is too few for me. An adaptation between them is to have month folders and folders for each week in the month (Weeks 1-5).

  2. Brandie-thanks so much! I have struggled with all my paperwork and think I’ll be adapting my Tickler File as you do – monthly folders. Love your website!

  3. Brandie- this is a great idea that can certainly be adapted. The other thing that I’ve done is get a notebook and each day I leave a space to staple that day’s credit card receipts. I also write down where the money went that day.
    I was robbed 1400 dollars last year because someone unlawfully charged my credit card. Since I was in the middle of moving I didn’t see it until after it was too late. The credit card company said to me that I only had 30 days to complain and since I didn’t see it in that time that they wouldn’t give my money back.
    So now I keep all receipts stapled to a notebook it’s kind of like my tickler file and make sure to check everything each and every month.
    Thanks for this post it’s bringing me more ideas to create better systems.
    All the best,

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