“Thinking Chair”: A Place To Unplug

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I have a chair in my office that I love to sit in.  Take a look:

This chair is in the corner opposite from my desk (not outside in front of my hydrangeas, ha ha ha….).  I like to go and sit in this chair when I need to step away from my desk, and get a little change of scenery.  You can do the same with a comfy chair in your home office.  Here’s some things you can use it for:

  • Read a trade magazine
  • Sort through your mail
  • Read a book
  • Make phone calls
  • Do some brainstorming
  • Write some handwritten notes (yes, some people still do that)
  • … or just take a little break with a cup o’ joe or hot tea

What would you do in your “Thinking Chair”?

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4 thoughts on ““Thinking Chair”: A Place To Unplug”

  1. First of all, hello from the Oregon side of the river. =)

    This is so funny. I have another chair in my office too. My husband, who works at home, will often come “visit” me and sit in it for awhile. (So I guess this is his “thinking chair” too!) Oh, and get this – it’s a massage chair!

    The thing that is funny about this is I forget to use it. Really. I must subconsciously think I gotta keep doing something productive and therefore forget to take breaks. Taking breaks every so often is actually really important for me to do with my fibromyalgia. I need a timer or something…

    But hey, thanks for the reminder. I’m going to go sit in my thinking massage chair for awhile!

    Tamis last blog post..tamicat: groovin’ to my new favorite CD – Lenny Kravitz "It Is Time for a Love Revolution" Boy I’m glad I got this for @rocketzombie for Christmas!

  2. Hello,
    The comfy chair….I like to have a child come and chat with me while I do things at my desk. Or while my husband is using the computer, I like to sit and tell him stories about our day…..most of the time I think he probably doesn’t here what I’m saying…But HEY sometimes just voicing the craziness about the day is what you need to do.

    thanks for letting me comment.

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