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The Planner Challenge


Ok, so I was tagged by Megan Spears to show my planner. So, here it is, in all it’s glory. I used Franklin Covey paper planner systems before I switched to my Palm III back in the day. I have been a Palm user for well over a decade, and I love it! (My only complaint is the small screen, but hey, it’s so portable I can’t complain too much!) I now use Outlook and sync with my Palm Treo (650). However, I find that I also need paper to write on when I need to brainstorm, or write a quick note. However, I rely heavily on my Palm for writing out a task, appointment or other reminders. For me, keeping things in one place is the best way, and eliminates extra work (and discrepancies!). But, I need paper on hand just in case! I’m upgrading my wonderful russell+hazel pad (shown – a gift from a great friend) to their mini-binder with the paper pockets. I can’t wait!

So, what’s YOUR planner like?

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