Wendy Piersall, Technology & Supermom Myths: The O Myth Recap

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Our guest today was Wendy Piersall of  Sparkplugging & SparkplugU.

Here’s the Pearls of Wisdom from the show today:

  • Earth911.org: Need to recycle something?  Not sure where to go?  Check out Earth911.org for sources and loads of information about recycling in your area.
  • Free Geek: A local place to take used electronics in Portland, Oregon
  • OfficePDX.com:  A local Portland, Oregon place that also has an online store.  Think vintage + function + art and you’re on the right track!
  • Organizing photos: Have lots of digital photos and not sure what to do with them all?  Consider using Flickr, Picasa and Photoshop Express to get them together and in shape!
  • Techie Tip: Check out Active Words.  It’s my new favorite productivity tool!

We also mentioned…..

Internet Notes

We have a contest goin’ on!  You can win this lovely “Internet Notes” book, sponsored by The Organized ParentTo enter, leave a comment on this question:

“What is your favorite vintage piece of technology?”

Mine is definitely typewriters and this cute rotary phone dial (from Queen of Tarte)!

vintage phone dial

Join us next time on The O Myth, Aug. 22 at 10am PST with our guest, Aby Garvey of Simplify101.

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