The Home Office Podcast #4: Kelly McCausey, WAHM Talk Radio

If you work from home, you know it can be challenging.  If you’re a mom working from home, chances are you’ve got some serious juggling to do!

Join me, with guest Kelly McCausey of Work At Home Moms Talk Radio, as she shares what she’s been up to, and how she gets it all done.

Show Notes:

How to find Kelly:

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2 thoughts on “The Home Office Podcast #4: Kelly McCausey, WAHM Talk Radio”

  1. So glad you brought Kelly McCausey on. She’s been an inspriation to me. She brought up outsourcing tasks out. This is one of the biggest reasons I’ve chosen, virtual subcontracting, as my niche. Even a VA needs to outsource. Until about a month ago I was practing some of the things you discussed to free yourself.

    As I speak my cleaning lady is at my house whisking the dust away:)

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