The Home Office Podcast #10: Peter Walsh

PeterWalshHeadshotDid you know that organization (or lack of) is an internal and external issue?  Join me with guest, Peter Walsh as we talk about working in a home office, teaching our children the value of organization and using it as a tool.

Show Notes:

8 Days of Resolutions
Recurring Task Planner
VIP Members Site
KOIN segment (New Year)

Peter Walsh Design

Martha Beck

Oprah’s “Live Your Best Life” Weekend Event in NYC

Peter’s Books:

Enough Already,    It’s All Too Much,   How to Organize Just About Everything



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One thought on “The Home Office Podcast #10: Peter Walsh”

  1. What a GREAT interview, Brandie! I loved Peter’s comment that our kids aren’t our first priority! Being healthy adults and parents is top priority and everything else flows from THAT!

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