The Home Office Podcast #1: Email, Outlook & Google Apps

We’ve all got it: Email.  How do you manage it?  Are you an Outlook user?  Google Apps user?  Did you know they have some differences?  The differences are worth considering – and you just might switch when you know what they are.   Sometimes you just want stuff to work!

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3 thoughts on “The Home Office Podcast #1: Email, Outlook & Google Apps”

  1. A note from a listener (posted here with permission):

    “I just listened to your first podcast discussion of Outlook vs. Google Apps. I just wanted to comment and let you know what my husband and I have discovered to keep our business unified.

    First, my husband is an ICU physician that travels to various hospitals around the country as a consultant/clinician. He is also on staff at Wake Forest University Medical School as associate professor training physician extenders in critical care. He is away from home two weeks out of the month, and I manage the business side at home.

    I don’t know how many times he has called me asking me about calendar dates, etc. as he has plans his clinical schedule. I tried to keep him abreast of our two daughters’ school calendars as well as special family dates, etc.

    Well, about the same time we went into business for ourselves, we slowly started to make the transfer from PC world to MAC world. BEST THING WE EVER DID! Currently, we have 3 iPhones, 2 MacBooks, 1 iTouch and 1 iMac.

    Along with the MAC home invasion, we signed up for Apple’s Mobile Me. While we do not need the email program as badly (we each keep our own email on our own devices), we were in desperate need of a unified calendar that any of us (all 4 of us) could access from our own devices. Now, if I am at the dentist’s office, and they remind me that my husband has not been in for a while, I can look at my iPhone, instantly access his calendar, and schedule his next appointment. Within seconds, it appears on his iPhone and MacBook no matter where he is in the country.

    Other pros – we keep our business paper work on Mobile Me. While away, he scans his receipts into his laptop and saves them on Mobile Me, and then I can continue with the paper work at home. We can also share music, pictures, videos – all through Mobile Me.

    This on-line software service has really brought our whole family onto the same page despite all the traveling my husband has to do. While I have not had experience with Google Apps in order to compare, I will say that I certainly do advocate the on-line software service.

    Thank you for your podcast which is inspiring me to get my home office in shape for the new year. Sorry for the length of this comment, but I hope it may be helpful to you or your clients.”

    Rebekah Z.

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