The Green, Eco-Friendly Office

Recycle - Reduce - Reuse

It really is easier than you think. Start with a few things, and change as you go. If you’re just starting out, here are some eco-tips to get your office more “in the green”.

  1. Choose green office supplies: Choosing “green” products only takes different choices in the store and online. Most office supply stores carry “green” supplies. It’s pretty easy to find printer paper, filing supplies and binders in ranges of 10-100% recycled content.
  2. Sort the mail immediately: As soon as the mail comes in the door, take 30-60 seconds to sort and file it. Junk mail goes right into the recycling bin (or the fireplace basket) and doesn’t pile up. Recycling your junk mail will cut down on the overall trash that is quickly accumulating in landfills (and hopefully makes it into new products!).
  3. Get off the junk mail lists: Make your life easier and just get off the direct marketing lists. Keep in mind this does not include companies you have or will do business with in the future. Be sure to use the “opt-out” option with these companies. Here’s a form to help you out: Mail Preference Form
  4. Scratch paper: Do you print reports that use a lot of unnecessary paper? use the leftovers for scratch paper. Put it by the phone or wherever you need something to write on. No need to buy separate paper – it’s already at your fingertips!
  5. Print smart: Use “draft mode” and double sided printing for less important documents. You’ll use have the paper, your ink cartridges will last longer and you’ll spend less of the greenbacks (bonus!). Also, be sure to recycle your ink cartridges.

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4 thoughts on “The Green, Eco-Friendly Office”

  1. In our green office we also:

    1. purchase online or from a non-box local stores (w/in a 50 mile radius)
    2. replaced 80% of office trash cans with recycling bins
    3. where possible, replaced our hardware with software (e.g. phones & fax machines w/VOIP & fax software).

    I find that CallWave’s message is on target with their Plant a Tree program. As a result I’ve switched over from efax.

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