The Best Hot Chocolate: My Top 3

Love hot chocolate? Me too! I’m going off topic a bit today. Why? Because Aby Garvey threw this most excellent question out there, and I just had to respond! I’m a professed chocoholic (and foodie) – and there is nothing better than a frothy, smooth and silky cup of steaming hot chocolate. Personally, milk and I don’t get along, so I’m a soy kinda girl. My trick is to use 3/4 plain or vanilla soy milk (I prefer Silk) and add 1/4 soy creamer. Yum!

So, if you need a little treat in your office, try one of my hot chocolate favorites on your next coffee break:

#3: Scharfenberger Cocoa: It’s unsweetened, but follow the directions on the back and add a teaspoon of instant espresso. Yum.

#2: Nigella’s Hot Chocolate: What’s not to love about a chef who is gorgeous and engaging, and looks like she actually consumes what she eats. ( I leave the alcohol out, just a personal preference.)

#1: My own (adapted) hot chocolate recipe. Warning: this is for hard core chocolate lovers only.   It’s also not a recipe for those on a diet – you’ve been warned.  It also takes a little effort, but I think it’s well worth it.  Will it be your favorite?  That’s up to you…

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