“How Do I Organize My Spouse?”

Question: How do I organize my spouse?

Answer:  You don’t.

This is a question I get a lot!  It’s difficult when taking on a project in the home or office when your spouse is less than lukewarm to the idea.  How do you get them on board?

Here’s an honest suggestion:  You work on yourself. I imagine you are looking at the screen now with a puzzled look on your face.  Not the answer you were expecting?  You’re not alone.

Organizing is a personal choice.

Organizing is a funny thing – it’s very personal.  You might think that sorting through your stuff and figuring out where it all goes wouldn’t make people uncomfortable – but for many it does (even if it doesn’t bother you). If you’ve decided you want to take on an organizing project in your home office, go for it!  But realize that you are doing it for yourself.  Get your spouse (and/or children) on board by politely requesting that they use the system you put in place.  Take small steps and don’t expect everyone to change because you are on fire about it.  It’s really like anything else in life… take small steps and you’ll make positive changes.  Just remember, it’s a personal choice.