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Product Review: Neat Receipts Scanner

Neat Receipts Scanner

Have you seen Neat Receipts yet?  You have gotta check it out!  I just reviewed it for Sparkplugging (click to read the full article), and it’s also posted in Reviews section of the Neat Receipts website HERE. (Between PC World & Fortune Small Business I might add!!)

A portable little piece of technology that cuts down on data entry.  Gotta love that!

Love Neat Receipts?  Want to get one?  Check it out HERE.

Product Review: Brother MFC-490CW Printer

Brother MFC-490CW Printer


Brother MFC-490CW Printer

My Experience:

I was so excited to get this printer.  What was I excited about?  It’s Wifi capable, baby!  For this home office girl, that is a major perk.  From the first slice into the box, I had the printer up and running in about an hour.   It would have been quicker, but I had little experience setting up the wireless.  However, once I figured it out, I was printing away.

My Favorite Things:

Wireless:  Did I mention I like the Wifi compatibility?

Separate ink cartridges: This makes for a small cost savings over time.  Love that.

Photos are gorgeous! I don’t print them a lot, but I gave it a whirl with some of my food photos.  They turned out beautifully and are now hanging in my dining room.

It’s quiet. My last printer could be heard throughout the house at the odd hours I sometimes work at.  If I print from another room, I have to listen carefully to hear it (and sometimes I don’t!).

Small footprint + Multi-Function: Printer, scanner, copier and fax all in one small package.

Adjustable LCD Monitor: The monitor is bright and tilts so I can see it.

What Could Be Improved:

Double-sided printing:  My last printer had this capability, which I must say I miss.  (With this printer, you could remedy this by printing out the odd pages, reinserting them into the paper tray and printing the even pages.  But, an option that is hands-free would be much more convenient.)

Overall Rating:

Recommended for home office professionals.  The Wifi & multi-functionality make this a no-brainer, especially if you are a work at home parent.    Small foot print, lots of horsepower and options.

Where To Find It:

Brother MFC-490CW Printer on Amazon

For More Information:

Brother’s Website

*Disclosure:  This printer was provided to me by Brother, free of charge.  I was not compensated or paid to write this review.