Use a Shredder: Protect Yourself

31 Days of Home Office Organizing TipsTip #27: Use a shredder

(Part of the 31 Days of Home Office Organizing Tips)

Do you have a shredder?  If you have sensitive materials such as financial paperwork, customer information, etc. you should have a good quality shredder.  Pick one that matches your budget and your needs.  A good article on this subject:  How To Choose a Paper Shredder

Shredding sensitive documents protects you, your family and your customers.   Identity theft is a serious problem, and only 10% of it comes from online threats, so it’s crucial that you not only watch your wallet, but to dispose of paper properly.  (Never put sensitive documents in your recycling bins without shredding them first.)

Some resources on Identity Theft and how you can prevent it:

Fighting Back Against Identity Theft (Federal Trade Commission Website)

Suspicious Emails & Identity Theft (IRS Website)

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