6 Steps to Destress

Feeling stressed?  Maybe there is something you should or shouldn’t be doing.  If you’re shouldering your share of stress, here’s some tips to help you de-stress and take a load off.

  1. Do something that makes you happy. When was the last time you did something you truly enjoy? Read a book that wasn’t work-related (ok, so I’m guilty of this). Go take a walk just because, and notice how beautiful a flower can be. Go to coffee with a friend you haven’t seen in a while. Play a card game with your spouse or partner without the TV. Go see a movie.
  2. Stop and think about what is stressing you out, and how you can alleviate the problem. Beth, of My Simpler Life Blog wrote beautifully on this, so I’ll link it HERE, because I couldn’t have written it better myself!
  3. Simplify Your Life. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – simplify your life.  It’s east to let stuff (tangible or otherwise) take over and accumulate.  Sometimes you have to edit your life and get rid of things that are not making sense, or making you unhappy.  Is it easy?  Sometimes not, but having the courage to take control of your own life is worth your sanity in the long run.  (Incidentally, if you haven’t read Seth Godin’s new book, The Dip, I highly recommend it! It gives great tips on quitting, and what that means for you in the long run.)
  4. Will this matter in 5 years? A good, and ahem, more experienced friend of mine gave me some great advice several years ago: when faced with the day to day stuff, ask yourself, “will this matter in five years?”  If the answer is no, then don’t sweat it.
  5. Concentrate on what is good in your life, and how to attract more of the good. Almost everyone on the planet is talking about The Secret, and for good reason.  Concentrate on what is good in your life, and you will attract more of it to you.  What you think about it, you will bring to your life – so make your thoughts good ones!
  6. Review this list. A great list from Jobacle on 50 things you can do to destress.  Take 5 minutes to read it.  You won’t be sorry!

The “Hey, Smile!” Box: Remembering Your Wins

Do you have a place to keep your notes, letters and reminders of your “wins”?  I keep a “Hey, Smile!” box for those days when I need to remember all the people that have sent me good thoughts and happiness.  You can do it too!

What you’ll need:

  • Box:  A Cargo box works well for this, or a cigar box or make something like the one above (here’s how to do that project).
  • Letters, notes and thoughts sent to you (email is ok too)
  • Pictures of celebration, accomplishments and “wins”

How to use it:

  1. Next time you get a letter or note from someone else that makes you smile and feel good about the work you are doing, put it in the box.
  2. Set the box off to the side.
  3. Take it out when you feel the need for a pick-me-up.
  4. Smile and remember you are changing your corner of the world.

What’s in YOUR “Hey, Smile!” box?

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Enjoy Life More

New Year Resolution #5:
Enjoy Life More

8 Days of Resolutions

This series is all about the top New Year Resolutions. One of those is “Get Organized”. Have you ever made this resolution? How did it go? Did you do a “crash & burn” weekend on Jan. 2nd and everything was back to the way it was by Jan. 10th? Try using organization as a tool for whatever change you desire. You may surprise yourself!

Is it really so hard to enjoy life?

All this week, I’m discussing how we can make New Year Resolutions a reality, using organization as a tool.  One of the resolutions is “Enjoy Life More”.  This means various things to different people.  I happen to be in the camp of “bloom where you are planted”.  No one’s life is perfection.  That’s the way it is.  I think life is more about our attitude toward it, and less about what we do in it.  It really comes down to being a choice whether we enjoy life.  Gratitude for what you have will improve your attitude.

Is there so much in it, that it’s hard to notice the good things?

I’m subject to having too much going on, and too many belongings in my life.  I use organization to help me weed it out and keep things under control for my own sanity.  I also listen to my inner voice when I know I am reaching a breaking point.  I say “no” a lot.  I think if we say “no” more than “yes”, our commitments and “yeses” mean more.  It’s about being real, recognizing how much we can really handle and staying true to the boundaries we set up.  When there’s too much in your life, there’s not a lot of time to stop and enjoy the ride.  All you feel is the rush of the wind, and all you see is a blur as you barrel down the road of life at 100 mph.

Packing light for the journey.

Peter Walsh spoke at a conference I attended two years ago.  He told a compelling story of how organizers work for clients, and what we help them with.  Picture yourself on a road, walking, with lots of baggage you must carry yourself.  In your mind, take one bag away at a time.  How do you feel when your load is lighter?  If you’ve ever traveled with a lot of baggage, you know how stressful (and expensive with bag fees) it can be.  You’re more focused on all the belongings you have to keep track of and less about the views, people, places and experiences around you on the journey.

Less stuff = more time to enjoy life.

Ready to enjoy life more?  Here’s a few tips to get started:

1.  Today, pick three things you don’t use, and can pass on to someone else.   Make this a regular exercise.

2.  Look at your calendar and see if there is anything you can stop doing.

3.  Is there something intangible in your life that needs to go?  How can you make that happen?

How will you enjoy life more this year?


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