“Supermoms” & Marlynn Schotland on The O-Myth

Krista and I had the pleasure of talking with our guest today, Marlynn Jayme Schotland of Urban Bliss Design & Mamaprenuers Inc.

Here’s the Pearls of Wisdom from the show today:

– Marlynn likes to use Outlook, and schedules even prep times in her calendar  (so smart!)
– “Supermom” is a mystical being, so take it easy moms!  Don’t make unrealistic  expectations of yourself, because disappointment is sure to follow.
– Check out Marlynn’s event in Portland, Oregon HERE

Also, be sure to check out Marlynn’s blogs:





Our contest winner of Aby Garvey’s book is: Holly from Denver!  Congratulations!

A new contest! We have a contest goin’ on (again)!  You can win a set of “Mama Calling Cards” from Urban Bliss Design!  On lucky winner will walk away with a set of cards!  This is one example of Marlynn’s fabulous design sense:

This is just one example of Marlynn’s designs, so be sure to check them out on her website, Urban Bliss Design.

Don’t miss out! There’s only going to be one winner, so don’t delay.  To enter the contest, leave a comment about your thoughts on being a Supermom (be sure to include your email address) below.  The deadline is Sept. 25, so don’t miss out!

Next time on The O Myth: Asha Dornfest of Parent Hacks.com joins us on Sept. 26th at 10am PST 

Coming up in October on The O Myth: Peter Walsh!  Yes, THAT Peter Walsh!

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