“Stop Pouring”

As I sit watching Dr. Wayne Dyer’s presentation about his experiences with reading the Tao (his book, “Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life“), I am struck by his comment:

…when your cup is full, stop pouring…

Our culture is overrun with having more and more and more stuff.  Advertisements abound that tell us our life isn’t complete without this or that.  What if we could just say, thanks, I’m fine, and I have enough?  Clutter overtaking our homes and offices, extra weight, too many commitments – these are all signs that we haven’t stopped pouring.  More stuff doesn’t always equal more happiness.

Do you have an area in your life where you need to “stop pouring”?

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4 thoughts on ““Stop Pouring””

  1. *Sigh*

    I can relate to this subject… What I think is so funny, is that we often think that we NEED things… and the reality is that we really don’t. A good friend gave me some advice yesterday on this very subject… Write down your commitments and see what really matters and where you should really be spending your time and money.

    Today my cup is full! Thanks for letting me share! -Meg

  2. I think that applies to our schedules too. Sometimes they get so full stuff starts leaking over the top and you just aren’t effective anymore. We need to know when to say “NO” in our schedules AND give stuff away when we are overflowing with excess!

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