“Start At Home”

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Recently HGTV is touting their new marketing line:

“Make life ___________, start at home!”  I LOVE this new line, and it’s such a great thought on how to really change your life from the inside out.  Think about it: home is where you rest, eat probably 2/3 of your meals, store all things which are important to you, houses pictures and momentos, protects you from the elements and provides a place to connect and great a life together with your friends and family.

Why wait until you sell?

It’s interesting how when sellers get ready to put a house on the market, they get help beautifying the place.  Many haven’t done work on the home much, and most have not updated anything in the home.  Why is that?  Why would you make your house stunning for someone else, and not do that for yourself?  It’s like cleaning your home before company comes over.  Why wouldn’t you want to live in a clean and uncluttered home for yourself – because you actually live there?

I have a theory – we are too busy, and don’t take time to make our environment what we really want it to be.  We might think it’s selfish, or that we really are not bothered by its current state enough to get off our duff and do something about it.  How sad is that?  Our home is the place that nurtures and protects us – shouldn’t it deserve our upmost care and attention so that it makes us feel “at home”?

Make your home a place you love, right now.

Take some time to look around your home – is it the way you want it to be?  Does it really reflect who you are?  Is there something bothering you about the space – what is it, and why does it bother you.   Make your life what you want it to be, and start in the place you rest you head in each night: your home.

3 thoughts on ““Start At Home””

  1. You are so right on…! Isn’t it funny how we forget to take care of the things that are the most important to us… I don’t think that we always see the value because it’s to hard to see past all the “stuff.” Great Blog Girlfriend!

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