Small Space Home Office: 3 Ideas

Even if you live in a more petite sized apartment or house, you may have room for a home office.  Even a tiny nook can house a great home office if you use a little imagination.  Here’s a few ideas I found that I love.  Use the ideas presented here and see where you could carve out a little office space of your own!

Closet Home Office -
Home Office in a Closet (from

If you have an extra closet, this is a great idea!  All you need is a few shelves.  You could even tuck the chair away when you close down the office for the day.  My extra bedroom closet is calling my name right now!
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Modern Cottage Office (from

If you don’t have an extra closet, perhaps a small bit of wall real estate?  Like in downtown areas, if you can’t build out, build up.  This desk is fabulous! It’s actually a door topped with a bit of frosted glass.  Reusing and looking very chic!  If you’d like to hide this away, you could put up a track on the ceiling with drapes to pull closed at the end of business.  I also love the bookshelves!
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Corner Office (from

If you live in a small apartment and have a dead-end hallway, this is a great idea for a home office. Again, build up with shelving to maximize storage.  (Read the full article on here.)

Do you have a small-ish home office?  How did you setup your office?

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6 thoughts on “Small Space Home Office: 3 Ideas”

  1. Hi there,

    the first one is just beautiful. But let me tell you: nobody has an extra closet. Never. But it doesn’t matter. It makes sense to simply pull out the clothes to get to this. And, above simple, it looks friendly and cozy.

  2. Someone has an extra closet! 🙂 I just made an office out of an extra closet in my living room and modeled it after the first example. Love it!

  3. I had an extra closet, too, and I turned it into a great little workspace. I did create a drawer in which to hang colored file folders that I got from Pendaflex. They have some great ideas for filing and organization that can enhance any small space. So glad I took the time with your great tips!

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