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I read a post today that really resonated with me, and maybe it will with you too.  The author has tried many different things to organize and simplify life, and feels what she has done up to now hasn’t really worked out for her.   She knows there is something out there that will work for her, but hasn’t quite found it yet.  Man, do I know how she feels.  I commented on the post, and I wanted to elaborate here.

Rethinking time.

Reading this post was like looking in the mirror for me.  I remember feeling helpless, and I remember how it felt that those around me couldn’t really rely on me to be responsible, on time or whatever.  I was constantly late to work, social events and singing engagements.  Not exactly a recipe for success.  However, I’m also a naturally inclined perfectionist.  I remember an “aha” moment for me about perfectionism when I heard (on the Oprah show) that many people who are late are perfectionists and over-achievers.  (!!!)  Meaning, the reason they are late is they know they can do one more thing before they go: clean one more thing, put one thing away, make one more phone call…  Wow, did that hit home with me.  I realized that the time it takes to do something is really twice the amount of time I wanted it to take.  So, I started doubling my estimates of time.  What a difference that made!

I titled this post “Simplicity Sweep”.  I wanted to give you some insight to when it might be time for you to do one in your own life, home, business, home office, etc.  You might need a “Simplicity Sweep” if…..

….. you are getting that “heavy feeling”. Ever feel overwhelmed, tired and not know why?  Your body and spirit weigh down your shoulders.

….. you feel overwhelmed.  You look at your schedule for the day and think, man, how did it get like this.

….. you feel anxious, you don’t feel good and don’t know why.  Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate and get back to what really matters.

….. you can’t seem to “get it all done”.  It feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day, and you know that if you just had a few more you could get it all done.  (Reality check: Not gonna happen.)

All of these things can signal that it’s time to do something. Simplicity can be a state of mind, but it’s also an action, a verb.  It’s something you do consciously.  Living consciously helps you see clearly, and simplicity can be part of that bigger picture.

So, is it time for a “Simplicity Sweep” in your life?

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One thought on “Simplicity Sweep”

  1. I really love this post, I somehow missed it before (was probably having that heavy overloaded feeling trying to do a million other things and was late for your post!).

    Interesting because I too had this revelation about my husband and myself awhile back. For years we were always late to everything. His mom always gave us the run around about it because she is always EARLY to everything (our pet peeve!) and it frustrated us even more because we don’t like to waste time! We will fill every last moment we have puttering around getting one more thing done. When it dawned on me why we were always late, it made sense. We are perfectionists and overachievers. And can be extremely hard workers. I think sometimes people like us can even be disorganized despite our perfectionist leanings (not mentioning any names here, eh hem) because we are trying to do WAY more than is really humanly possible, so lots of stuff doesn’t get done that should.

    Needless to say, I am reevaluating my life and trying to figure out how to slow a moving train. I am really excited about it, but it against my nature and lifelong habit so I will be making extraordinary effort in the coming months to simplify my life!

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