Saving Ink, Paper and Clutter

Did you know that you can save paper and ink by changing your print settings?

Double-sided printing: Using the double-sided print, black and white (or gray-scale, black cartridge only) and draft modes on your printer.   Most printers (if not all) have a double-sided mode.  This may mean you need to feed the document back into the printer to get both sides printed, but it’s really simple.

Grayscale printing: Also, set your color setting to “gray-scale” or “black and white” with the black cartridge only.  Did you know that some printers will use your color cartridge even if you say black and white?  So check it out.

Print in “draft” mode:  Also, printing in “draft” mode is best for everyday less important printing.  Important documents are really the only things needing to be printed in normal mode.

Save money & time. Double-sided printing saves half the paper produced by your printer, not to mention the time it takes to manage paper clutter accumulating in your home or office.  It also saves you money, since you don’t have to buy as much paper.

I’ve been using the double-sided and “black cartridge only” idea for a year, and it’s amazing how much of a difference it makes!  Also, print preview your document to make sure you’re not printing an ad or a few letters, which also wastes an incredible amount of paper.

Recycle used printer cartridges.  Were you aware of printer cartridge recycling?  Most manufacturers now have recycling programs.  They send you an envelope, you fill it with your used cartridges and mail it in.  In most cases, the shipping is free!  Keep the envelope right by your printer, so you’re more likely to remember.  Also, many office supply stores will take used cartridges and give you a discount or other credit.

Here’s a few resources:   HP, Canon, Earth911

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