On Thursdays I share a quote that I hope will inspire, make you think or just make you smile. This week I took a quote and expanded a bit. Here is this week’s quote:

I was just reading Wendy’s post on secrets of her success. SO inspiring. I love this part:

“…I want to inspire people to pursue their dreams and follow their hearts, no matter if they do it in a home office or not…”

I feel that exact same way. If you work from home, and your home office is driving you crazy, who are you helping? Are you achieving your dreams or accomplishing all you are capable of? Think of all the creative energy you waste by looking for your… stuff. What could you be doing with all that time? Check out these statistics from “Organizing For Your Brain Type”:

  1. Americans spend the equivalent of 4 days every year looking for things
  2. Forty-three million Americans work at home

Some simple math:

If 4 days = 96 hours, then…

96 hours x 43 million (people who work from home) = 4,128,000,000 wasted hours (!!!)

What could we be doing with all that time? Could we take it all back? Some of it? Even half? What if we banded that time together? We could do one heck of a movement for change.

What if you kept that time for yourself? If you had even two more days added to your productive time, what would it do to your business? Your relationships? Your sanity? Can you even imagine?

Organizing is so much more than just putting stuff in boxes. It’s about taking your time back, and OWNING it. Master of your paper, your desk, your calendar… whatever it is for you. Streamlining your home office can change your business and even your life.

Are you unintentionally using the state of your home office as a roadblock to success? (If so, read this post.) Look yourself in the mirror and decide what you stand for, and where you are going. Then, look at your office and decide if it’s helping or hurting you. If not, get your home office where it needs to be, and blaze that trail baby.

I KNOW you can do it!

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One thought on “Roadblock”

  1. Hi Brandie,

    Michael from Germany here.

    Thanks for thevaluable infos and inspiration you give.

    I specialize in making Affiliate Marketers earn more.

    Most of thme work from a sort of home office too (well, some actually work from a lawn chair at the beach …lol).

    So getting their “offices” better organized will make them even more successful.

    That’s why i i will recommend your site and blog.

    Keep the good work up …*-)


    Michael’s last blog post..How a Famous Affiliate Marketing Superguru Started From Scratch. And How You Can Do The Same

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