“Remember America: Organization Will Set You Free”

So, if you’re an Alton Brown fan, such as myself you may know where that quote comes from.  The truth is,  organization can set you free.  With talk lately about a personal perception of the merits of “messes” these days, I just cant resist the temptation to put my two cents into the conversation.

Messy is highly overrated.

Let me tell you, as a former “messie” type, I was stressed.  Not finding things, working myself into an absolute tirade over lost keys (yet again), accusing my poor unsuspecting husband of moving lost items….it was not pretty.  For me, it didn’t work.  I had too much stuff.  When I started to go through it all, it was liberating.  I discovered a lot about myself, and some of that wasn’t pretty either!

Organized = doing what you do, only better.

There are those who would think that organization = perfection.  A conversation with someone close to me prompted me to say, “You know, you’d be surprised at how organizing oneself really is helpful.  It helps you do what you do better, like getting the important things done.”  It’s not about rule setting or shame, or any of that other nonsense.  Organizing simply helps you be a better…..well….YOU.

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