Redesign Your Chair


So, you’re looking at your dining or office chairs and thinking, “Yeah, I’m not so thrilled with these.” Does this mean you need to go out and buy new ones? Well, that depends on you budget. However, if you would like to keep that budget to a minimum, why not repurpose your existing chairs?

A little elbow grease goes a long way to refreshing your style.

All it takes is a little stain, paint, fabric or a slipcover. Have white chairs? Paint them black. Don’t like the fabric on the seat? Change it out with upholstery fabric at your local fabric store. Don’t really like the style of your chair, or wish that it even had a style? Try a slipcover – they are washable, and you can change them with the seasons.

Any way you look at it, your chairs can be updated and fabulous. And you don’t have to bust your budget to do it!


Simply Upholstery

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