Quote of the Week: The Front Page of Yahoo!!

Usually I share with you all a very deep and meaningful (and sometimes amusing) quote of the week.  Because I’m all about shaking it up once in a while, I had to share this news!  So, this week, I’m quoting, well … myself!

The weekend of Sept. 13 & 14, an article I wrote, “5 Productivity Killers & How to Fend Them Off” was featured on the front page of Yahoo.com!!!  I could not believe it!  Wendy Piersall, of Sparkplugging.com called me (as I was shopping for cucumbers at the local farmer’s market, glamorous, I know) to tell me this fantastic news.  I was so in shock, and I’m STILL reeling about it.

So, without furth adieu, I give you my article….

5 Productivity Killers & How to Fend Them Off

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