Progress, Not Perfection

One question I am asked when meeting someone new is “So, what do you do?”.   More often than not, when I tell them I am an Organization Consultant, they ask a handful of questions such as: “Oh, you’re one of those people with all your spices alphabetized?” (This one happens to be true.)  Or “I would love to see your house.  I bet it’s perfect!”  *insert awkward silence here*

Perfection, Shmerfection.

The truth is that no one is perfect in the ways we want to think.  I mean really, how interesting would life be if it was always “perfect”.  It reminds me of a commercial I saw about how nice it would be if we lived in a town called “Perfect”.  Honestly, would we really want to live there?  Perfection can be inflexible, rigid and denote an elevated expectation of the unattainable.

Is your perfectionism holding you back from moving forward?

Many of us would consider ourselves perfectionists.  This can cause a lot of grief internally as we put off doing things simply because we can’t do them perfectly.  Looking around at unfinished projects weighs weighs on your mind.   Making even small imperfect progress in anything we do is a vital step to change.  It starts us moving in the right direction, and momentum (and revived motivation) is soon to follow! 

To paraphrase author Dr. Wayne Dyer:   “I am making progress if I am better today than I was yesterday.”

Life (and organizing for that matter) are not perfect, but taking the first step is a way to make things better.

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5 thoughts on “Progress, Not Perfection”

  1. This is so true- just taking action even though things aren’t ideal yet is a great help.
    Every little change makes a difference.
    This week I overcame “perfectionism paralysis” and got a handle on a whole bunch of things that were a mess since my move. I feel totally renewed. Like my mind cleared and I actually KNOW where things are if I need them.
    I spent over 20 hours organizing this week. The inner change that happened is priceless and totally worth all the work.

    Eren Mckays last blog post..ErenMckay: @JoJoTabares @rocksinmydryer yesterday i just found out that my son’s feet are bigger than mine- and he’s only 11 !!

  2. That is so fantastic! What a wonderful story. 🙂
    Too many people get stuck because they can’t do “x” perfectly. Staying stuck like that robs you of joy and ultimately of your life, because it’s all on hold. Remember, sometimes “good enough” is good enough. 😉

  3. As a business owner I’ll be the first to admit that it’s not only hard to stay organized it’s also extremely difficult not to try and be a perfectionist. When my business paperwork and material as well as my office became disorganized, I hired and an organizational consultant. With her help I got things under control and she really taught me how to compromise with myself and get things organized in a nice way.

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