Phone Log: Remembering What You Said

31 Days of Home Office Organizing Tips

Tip #20: Use a Phone Log

(Part of the 31 Days of Home Office Organizing Tips)

Ring ring….

Do you take notes while you’re on the phone?  I am a voracious note taker; it’s how I remember things best.  If you’re like me, you might be drowning in little notes from voicemail, conference calls or just plain old phone conversations.  Where do you put it all?  One thing you can do is create a Phone Log.  It can be in whatever form you want.  Here’s some ideas:

Leather bound book: Get something fun like a Moleskine notebook or bound journal.  Whenever you talk with someone on the phone, write down important information like dates, names, phone numbers, conversation details, etc.  If you use this book consistently, you’ll know right where to go when you are looking for your information.

Spiral notebook: If you want quick and easy and inexpensive, a spiral notebook works fine. Same as above with writing down important information and memory joggers.  Keep it by your phone or with you if you are mobile a lot of the time.

Use your Contact Manager: If you use a PDA or laptop with a contact manager, use your Journal feature to keep paperless notes about conversations you’ve had with your contacts.  It’s a great way to track what you’ve talked about, and less paper to deal with.

Not matter what your work style or personality, a Phone Log can help you herd all those little notes and scraps of paper.  Then, when you need the information, it’s in one place.

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