Peter Walsh, The O Myth Recap

Peter Walsh

(Love his books?  Check out the contest below to win one!)

Krista and I had the pleasure of talking with Peter Walsh of Peter Walsh Designs and a regular on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Here’s the Pearls of Wisdom from the show today:

Quote: “Make room daily for your own time and space, so that you are able to open your door generously to others.”  (LOVE that!)

Peter was an exchange student (Rotary Youth Exchange), as I was!  Living in another country really does give you a different, objective point of view about other cultures. Did you know that the United States has the lowest per capita of issued passports?  Ack!  There’s a big ol’ world out there… go and see it!

Making your bed: Peter would rather put really sharp objects into his nasal cavity than not make his bed.  Your made bed anchors your room, and says to your children that you respect your room and space.  A made bed creates a sense of calm and focus,  when you walk into that space.  Don’t you feel better climbing into a made bed after a long tiring day?  (Think about this: hotels make their beds, so I’m thinking they agree *wink*)

Cooking: Peter and I see eye-to-eye on the cooking thing – nothing is better than taking out some stress in the kitchen.  Will we see the recipe he mentioned?  Look for it soon on my food blog HERE.

“Organized” comes from the same origin as the word “organic”: Natural, whole, complete, human, one…. get the picture?

More stuff doesn’t make you happier.  Hmmm…. have we heard this before?  We chatted about how much people get into debt (5 figures and upward) and what do we get for it?  A house full of junk.

The O Myth this time: “If you don’t use it within one year, toss it out.”   There are exceptions, so CHILL if you have a tux or gown that you only wear every other year.  😉

Peter mentioned his newsletter, which you can find HERE.

Quote of the day: “The things you have in your home should be beautiful and useful.  What you have in your home should be honored and respected.”

How to find Peter:

Listen to the show herePeter Walsh on The O Myth

And now, for our contest…..

What we’re giving away:  Three books by Peter Walsh:  How to Organize (Just About) Everything
, Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat? and It’s All Too Much

How you can win: Enter a comment below about this tidbit from

Commit to 10 minutes a day. Start small and start today with the Trash Bag Tango. “Everyone in the house gets two trash bags. Fill one with trash and one with stuff that’s going to [charity] or garage sale. … Do that for 10 minutes a day,” he says. “It doesn’t matter how big or how small the bag is, it’s just small steps.”  (from

Krista is getting extra organizing products out of her garage, and I’m going to work on my “cup” board.

You turn.  🙂  What going to do with your 10 minutes?

Contest ends: Dec. 4, 2008 (Be sure to tell use which book you’d like and leave your email so we can contact you if you win.)

** Join us next time on The O Myth: Dec. 5th at 10am PST **

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9 thoughts on “Peter Walsh, The O Myth Recap”

  1. I think this is a great idea and can be done while on hold or talking with friends/family on the phone! That’s that headsets are for!

  2. Not a bad idea… I do prefer minimizing the trash and maximizing the recycling, though.

    (And I’d prefer It’s All Too Much…)

  3. I “LOVE” Peter’s wisdom. Thank you! I have used the 10 minutes for about 3 years now and WOW! I have a basket in my garage that collects recycled/give aways and it worked like a charm. My clothes closet is the best it has looked in years.
    “Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat?” has got to be a classic…

  4. I adored Peter Walsh’s straight-forward, yet compassionate approach on Clean Sweep. Some of his wisdom really sticks with me, such as the need to honor things that are important to you, or the fact that clutter from your past can rob you of really living your life in the present.

    In my ten minutes a day I’m going to tackle the kid clutter — artwork and computer printouts and cardboard tubes that have been reimagined into playthings, not to mention the outgrown or broken toys. When I’ve mined that rich area, I’ll tackle piles of paper in the den.

    I’d love “It’s All Too Much” if I’m the lucky winner. 🙂

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