Paper Management: 3 Tips

It seems that paper is never-ending and it just multiplies itself with break neck speed!  What is the deal with that?  It’s easy to toss it in a pile or nearest horizontal surface and tell yourself you’ll get to it later.  Here’s the thing about paper, it’s usually….

“Horizontally hidden, vertically visible”

Ever wanted a piece of paper on the bottom of your pile?  Eek!  Not a pretty picture if you are holding coffee or a phone in one hand, and trying to retrieve that all important report at the bottom of the stack (insert dark gloomy music here).

So, how can you deal with the paper and be able to find what you need?  Here’s a few tips:

Magazine File

Use magazine files: Not just for magazines, these little guys are so handy and come in a wide variety of materials and prices.  A group of identical magazine files can transform a cluttered home office bookcase into a beautiful and functional storage solution.

A whole new way to pile. Pendaflex saw a need, and came out with a product line called PileSmart (above).    It’s a novel idea and easily integrated into your life.  Remember to figure out what to call those labels if you use this product.  (I really like the clip on labels!)

Give it a home. Paper can easily get out of control if it doesn’t have a place to go.  So, give it a home and put it there.  For example, things you only need to look at once in a while: put in a letter box or filing cabinet.  If you need to do something with it (read: Action Item), have a place for it to go until you are ready to deal with it.

Paper management doesn’t have to be difficult, and with the right plan you might even have fun!  😉

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