Create A Space You Love, With What You Already Have!

In February, I completed my education in Interior Refinement. Interior Refinement, also known as one-day decorating or interior redesign is a hot topic these days! Shows like HGTV’s Free Style or Design Remix are great examples of using what you have to create a stylish and functional space in your home or office! In a dream world, we could hire fabulous Interior Designers to come in, knock down walls, rebuild rooms with wall to wall built-ins and import antique flooring from Italian farmhouses (yes, please!).  However for many, that’s not in the budget.

Interior Refinement is budget friendly for you.

What I love about Interior Refinement is that you use what you have. Most people can recognize a beautiful piece of furniture, art, window treatment or lighting fixture, but bringing it all home and fitting it together can be a challenge! That’s where Interior Refiners come in! Through tried and tested methods of design and room arrangement, you’ll have a new room in hours. Whether is a room you live, work or entertain in, redesign is an instant gratification that won’t break the bank!

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A Home Office to Love

What’s up with us?

Why is it that most of us tend to make our home beautiful and “clean up” only for company?  It’s really an interesting thing to think about.  Maybe it’s our culture?  It seems we put so much pressure on ourselves to look good for other people.  Why would we make sure our space is in perfect order for others and not for our own benefit.  There is a recent trend in real estate on staging.  It’s the idea that we create and tell a story to potential buyers, so they can see themselves in our home.  Taking out distractions and making the home shine helps someone else see the beauty and lifestyle they want.

Why do we only do it for other people?

Now, I have no problems with that – I’ve offered it as a service to clients in the past, as I feel it’s a value to sellers.  However, what if we did that for ourselves, and our own benefit?  Shouldn’t we make our homes & offices reflect who we are?  Shouldn’t the things that we love and cherish be out and used on a daily basis?

What about your home office?

Take some time to look around at your own home office.  It says a lot about you.  Do you like what it says?  If not, think about ways you can change it.  Make it more appealing to you.  You might find that it changes your whole perspective and the work you do.

“Use What You Have” Decorating

Most people would love to hire an interior designer.  Who wouldn’t love the magazine cover look in your own home or office?  But, for many the price might be too steep.  That’s where the “Use What You Have Decorating” pioneered by Lauri Ward comes in.

There’s no need to throw out everything you own to get the look you want.  Chances are you already own things you love to look at and use.  So why not use what you already have, but in a different way?  Lauri’s book, “Use What You Have Decorating” is a great start!    She gives simple solutions to decorating, and you might find yourself saying, “Why didn’t I think of that?”  If you are bewildered by arranging furniture or interior design overall, this is a great resource!

Organize My Closet, Please: 5 Steps To Get It Done

Have you ever opened the doors to your closet and been injured by UFO’s (Unidentified Falling Objects)? Stubbed your toe on something that resembles carry-on luggage? Can you open the door at will without fear? Bought a fabulous pair of black pants only to find that you already had a matching pair?

If you answered yes to any of the above, it may be time to dig in and dig out your closet! I know, it seems daunting, but really, how great would it be to open your closet, retrieve what you are looking for (without digging, tugging or pulling)? A few simple steps will get your closet in “department store ready” condition. This project can easily be done in a weekend, depending on the size of your closet (4-12 hours of hands on work, not including contracted closet installers).

Here’s how you do it:

1. Empty your closet – completely: Take out all items in your closet. As you do, sort them into Keep, Toss, Donate or Put Away areas. Make decisions quickly – your first impulse is usually the right one! The rule is, if you don’t love it or use it’s time to let go.

2. Take care of the excess: Take out the Toss items, Put the Donate pile in your car, and deal with the Put Away items.

3. Take inventory: Seperate the remaining items into “like” categories. For example, shirts, skirts, pants, jackets, sweaters, etc.

4. Storage/Contain: If you find you have more storage than you expected, put it to use, and put your closet together in a way that pleases you. If you need a better storage system than you have now, or a new closet organizer here are some suggestions: Rubbermaid Configurations, Storables, or The Container Store

5. Get creative!: There’s many options out there for storage, and they don’t have to cost a fortune! Go check out your local dollar store for inexpensive plastic bins or baskets. A discount or supercenter also may have what you are looking for.

With a little determination and hands on work, your closet will look like a dream!