Outfitting Your Home Office

Sometimes you just gotta get your home office in order, and there comes a time when you are going to need to buy stuff to do it. Here’s some fun links to getting the job done and looking fabulous!

Old Office Furniture Gets a New Life: I love love love vintage stuff, so much character (and I secretly wonder what story is behind each item). Jeri Dansky collected a great group of vintage desks and other office-y type items which have been given new life!

See Jane Work: I love this site as well, and there are some great office supplies here with some funk and functional all wrapped up in one stylish package.

BallardDesigns.com: This is a great site for all things gorgeous and functional. (Krista at Organize In Style just posted about one of my favorite new labels for baskets. Click over there and check them out – so cute!)

The Green Office: If you’ve gotta buy office supplies, buy more eco-conscious. This site is a great start, with lots of ideas and products to reduce your carbon footprint. Work smart and more consciously at the same time! (Monica Ricci just posted about going more green, and small changes you can make that will add up big in the end.)

TheFloorPlanner.com: Arranging your office doesn’t have to mean a full day of rearranging, sweating and cursing. Use this tool to lay out your office and THEN move the furniture.

Basic French: I just found this website today. I am in LOVE with the French Writing Notebook. Yum!

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