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Organizing Business Blogger Meetup & Link Roundup

NAPO Bloggers Meetup 2008

As you may know, I spend the better part of last week in Reno, Nevada with a wild and crazy group of organizers. I also got to meet many of the bloggers I had virtually “met” in person (that made so much more sense in my head…). That’s all of us above.

So, I thought I would give you a taste of what some of these lovely and inspiring people write about. This is my no means an exhaustive list of bloggers or their fantastic body of knowledge. It’s a growing group! Go check out their posts, subscribe to their feeds, explore their blogrolls and let them know how fabulous they are. :)

Without further adieu, the Organizer Link Round Roundup…

Aby Garvey did this sweet post on how she uses buckets around her house. So fun!

Megan Spears gives her tips on how to get back on schedule after some time off (I used these tips myself today!)

Wendy Davie discusses how you can get a whole lotta decluttering done in just a couple hours.

Krista Colvin tells her Peter Walsh story, with photos…

Lissanne Oliver gives her perspective on wants and needs.

Monica Ricci serves up her weekly quote of the week on doubt (GREAT quote btw!)

Lorie Marrero asks, “Are you faffing right now?” (No, but I was earlier… )

John Trosko posted this video on how to fold a t-shirt. Seriously, it’s a jaw dropper… as in, why can I not DO that?

Jeri Dansky shows us how to keep stuff from falling thru the wires on wire shelving (I didn’t make it to this booth – dang!) (Update: See Jeri’s post about this event, and some more great posts she links to!)

Beth Ziegler shares a cool planning technique called “blocking”

Lauren Halagarda
shares a fun “Periodic Table For Cleaning”

On a personal note: It was a pleasure meeting all of you in person! Let’s change the world!

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