Organizing Between the Ears

Is organizing in your head?  That’ depends on what you think “organizing” is about.  What a lot of people don’t realize about organizing is its relationship to what’s in your head and the systems you use to keep your space in order.  “Stuff shifting” is only part of the deal.

Magazine articles, online websites, tips from the news – all these can help you do it yourself.  What helps you stay that way?  It’s that lovely thing between your ears…. your mind.  All the “stuff shifting”, labeling and containers are fantastic, but they are part of the solution.  Long term change comes from addressing what’s going on in your head and changing your actions.  So, what does it take to get organized?  It’s really a simple process:

  1. A plan. Where will things go, how will you use your space?  This is before you lift a single piece of paper or clean out one cabinet.
  2. Sort it out.  This is the organizing piece – the “stuff shifting”.  Once you have a plan in mind, it’s time to sort out the important things.
  3. Keeping it that way. Maintenance is the key to staying organized long term.  That happens in your head, your calendar and in daily life.  It’s like taking a shower – it’s a great idea, but you’ve got to do it everyday (we hope!).

Only one third of those things up there is what most people think of when it comes to organizing: sorting it out.  It’s part of the process, but not all of it by itself.  You can do the sorting it out yourself – I’d be willing to bet you’ve done it at least once!

Many times we have to address the physical space first, followed by changing our minds and habits.  A friend, confidante, mentor or Professional Organizer can help the process along – from the plan through to strategies to keep things in order.

Do you have some sorting out to do between your ears?

Ready to get organized? Want an alternative to the traditional in-person organizing or live outside the area?  Learn how we can work together to get you and keep you organized.  Learn more about my Virtual Organizing service here.

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