Organizing a Home Office with Minimum Effort

If you have a home office, chances are you are already struggling with the need for additional space. There are different things you can do to keep the space organized, from the little to the absolutely large ones, but before you get down to it you will need to keep a few things in mind. You will need to work on house cleaning every so often, since the clutter will only get in the way. Let’s get started with the first move:

Designating your space for easy de-cluttering

Organizing a Home Office with Minimum EffortThe first step of taking on this challenge is to ensure your home is actually ready for work in a home office. De-cluttering will be a lot easier if your home office is made in a way that allows it to be done without way too much bother. Every home needs a designated area that will be used to process bills, sort through mail, making phone calls and filling out documents in general. It should be a flat work space where you can work on spreading the paperwork temporarily, letting you put things in order when you’re done. Assuming you don’t have an area like that around your home, you should work on creating one. You can expand the areas you already have into something more useful, but you would do well to designate a specific room to make it work. A guest bedroom that happens to be unused will be a good way to make it happen, just make sure you have more than adequate space to finish the job.

Organizing and clearing off the desk or work space

The second important step you need to take toward home office organization is to ensure you clear off extraneous items away from your desk and any other work space you have. You should only have the belongings you need around; anything else will require another place, such as a file drawer or a similar solution. Although this may seem a bit extreme, it will be something that needs to be done if you want to keep things well organized at all times. Clear off the desk and work on wiping it from any dust, then add the electronics you’re using such as a PC and more. You may want to add some holders for office supplies to keep things under control.

Organizing your home office supplies

Organizing a Home Office with Minimum Effort2The next step in your work is to gather all office supplies into one location, decluttering them and organizing whatever you have left. For any people with children of school age you will need to gather your school supplies with the office supplies, since most of these supplies will often overlap anyway. Don’t know what you really want around the home office? Then you should keep in mind that keeping all your supplies in a drawer haphazardly would be a big mistake. You can keep them in holders instead, as it will allow you to have more control over everything. Do keep in mind you will need to work on office cleaning every so often, from carpet cleaning to upholstery cleaning, so make sure this never stays in the way.

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