Organized to Shop: Bags, Bags, Bags


So have you been using your own bags for grocery shopping? You certainly can, and it saves all those bags from going to the landfill. If you must use the store’s bags, they can be reused in many different ways. Here’s a few tips to using your own bags and reusing the store’s bags:

Use your own high quality bags: Canvas, plastic, totes or even your local fave store’s logo bag will do the trick. Using these bags prevents that oh-so-horrible feeling of the milk poking its way thru your heavy load, and dumping it all over the ground at the MOST inopportune time.

Re-use your “free” bags from the store: How about taking that handled paper bag and reusing it? Many of them are great quality, and can be reused many times. Then, when it’s looking a little haggard, toss them in the recycling bin.

Forget your bags? No problem! I recently went to my favorite Wild Oats store and was kicking myself for not bringing my bags. The cashier had a great tip (and yes, I’m stealing it): use the bags people bring in to be recycled. It was a light-bulb moment, and hey – it’s useful! Just grab a handful of the bags people bring in and set at the front of the store to be recycled. (Of course, do this at your own risk.)

Keep bags ready to go in the car. Take the groceries in, unload them, take the bags directly back to your car. Then, they are ready to rock and roll when you get to the store (planned trip or otherwise).

Give those bags new life :
Re-use plastic bags: replacing your trash bags in small garbage pails (I do this, and I haven’t bought those little bags in 4 years), use them to protect things during home improvement, for storing wet swimsuits, for dirty clothes or shoes when travelling, anything else you can think of!

Re-use paper bags: let the kids paint on them, use them to wall-paper your bathroom (ok, I haven’t done this, but I saw it done!), cut them up and use them inside out as wrapping paper, use them to protect delicate plants during unfavorable weather, and the list goes on!

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2 thoughts on “Organized to Shop: Bags, Bags, Bags”

  1. That’s great! A couple other tips I thought of about reusing the plastic bags:
    1. Make sure there are no holes! It can be a VERY messy proposition!
    2. Gently squeeze the air out, extend the bag to it’s full length (bottom to top of handles), fold in half and tie in a knot. It makes for a more compact and neat way to store them. Then toss them in a small box or bag under the sink or in the pantry. Very convenient!

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