Organize & Redesign: 7 Tips For Your Home Office

In the home office, space is at a premium. For most people the home office is usually an afterthought, or a room that was never intended for such intense paper processing and electronic equipment. Here are some tips to organize, rework your home office and increase your productivity!

  1. Build up: Utilizing the walls, and rearranging the storage can help. If you don’t have a large footprint in your office, consider using the walls, and build up!
  2. Reposition your desk: Consider creating a “u-shaped cockpit” with everything you need at your fingertips. (Just make sure not to have your back to the door!)
  3. Move those files! Reference materials should be within reach of your chair, but archives should be moved elsewhere – ideally relocated out of the room.
  4. And there was light! Bad lighting can really put a damper on your work – not to mention your eyesight. Have ample overhead lighting, as well as task lighting to brighten your workspace.
  5. Ergonomics: Start with the chair, and get one that fits you perfectly. You’re going to use it a lot, so make sure you’re comfortable in it!
  6. Boundaries are key! Working at home is no picnic with constant interruptions, but it can be done with communication. Talk with your family, partner or roommate about when it is and isn’t OK to disturb you in your office. It’s a shift worth making, and everyone will be happier for it!

What’s your home office challenge?

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3 thoughts on “Organize & Redesign: 7 Tips For Your Home Office”

  1. Great tips. I always reposition my desk whenever I feel like it’s no longer a position. Changing positions makes it feel like in a new office which also signifies a nice start.

  2. I agree with the list, especially with lighting. When I work, I see to it that there is sufficient lighting in the room because bad lightning can indeed affect our performance and our eyes.

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