“Organization is a gateway….”

Puerta. Iglesia de las santas Justa y Rufina. Toledo, España.”  … organizing is not a destination; it is the gateway to your higher goal…” – Julie Morgenstern

Getting organized can easily become about products or the way things look, but what it’s really about is how it supports you and your lifestyle.  Getting organized is a journey of slowing down long enough to see what you truly want, who you really are and creating an environment that supports whatever that is for you.  It’s not about a system of rigidity and “my-way-or-the-highway” thinking.  How you arrange, organize and stylize your space should reflect your values and who you are.  It should be a place or system that helps you become a better whatever-you-are.  So relax, take it all in, and whatever system is working for you – well, work that system.


Creative Commons License photo credit: Francisco Javier Martín

This post was originally published in May 2007

5 thoughts on ““Organization is a gateway….””

  1. Those words of encouragement lift the heavy weight right off my shoulders and into the trash!

    Thank you!!!

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