On The Go Paper Tamer

Receipts, parking passes, insurance cards, gift cards, maps, stamps…. did someone say we were going “paperless”? Uh, yeah. On the go means papers that can get out of hand. Here’s a few tips to get them under control!

  1. Your wallet is not a trash can: before you mindlessly shove another scrap of paper in there, is it really worth keeping?
  2. Have a system for keeping those papers in check: Use a small file that tucks into your briefcase or bag, and label, label, label!
  3. Use a tickler file: you don’t need to pack around tickets for that concert in two months, tuck them into a tickler file so you have them on the day you need them!
  4. Organize your car: Use a second accordion file for the car essentials: insurance card, parking pass, maps, money for the meter or parking prepaid card, registration, etc.
  5. Action files: What will you do with the papers you collect? Does it need to be filed? Acted on? Do you need to read it? Data Entry? Put a note on it, or use files to note what action it will need when you get it home or to the office.

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