Office Chair: Get One You Like To Sit In

31 Days of Home Office Organizing TipsTip #9: Get a comfortable chair

(Part of the 31 Days of Home Office Organizing Tips)

Think about it.  Where do you spend the most time in your home office?  In the hallway?  I’ll bet when you are in your home office, you are planted in your chair at your desk.

“Start with the chair.”

A local vendor, who specializes in ergonomic office equipment, once advised me to “start with the chair”.  If your desk or workspace setup is make you stiff and sore, you may not need to purchase all new furniture.  First, consider replacing your office chair.  A good, well-fitted chair will make you more comfortable while working.  And yes, maybe even more productive.

What do you have to lose?  A sore back?

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