8 Days of Resolutions: Organized to Change

Resolutions: we’ve all made them and broken them.  Is there a tool we can use to make them stick?  Perhaps.

Last year I did a series on small steps for organizing your office.  This year, I’m bringing the series back, with a little different flavor….

What’s your resolution?

8 Days of ResolutionsWe’ve all made resolutions, and we’ve all fallen off the wagon at one point or another.   One of the most popular New Year Resolutions is “Get Organized”.  Did you know organization can help you accomplish your resolution throughout this coming year, no matter what it is?  Ok, so we’ll leave off the “Quit Smoking” & “Quit Drinking” ones, but the others are fair game.

Organization is a powerful tool for change.

This is my case for making organizing a priority this year, and how if you pair it with another resolution, it can certainly happen for you.  The key here is action, so I offer up some quick tips to get you moving in the right direction this year.

(Check back here often, links will be added as the posts go live over the new 8 days.)

Be sure to share YOUR resolution or theme for the new year too!

8 Days of Resolutions

1.  Get Organized

2.  Get Fit

3.  Managing Money

4.  Reduce Stress

5.  Enjoy Life More

6.  More Quality Time with Loved Ones

7.  Make the World a Better Place

8.  Learn Something New


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