NAPO Conference – Live from Reno, NV

 NAPO Conference 2008

Here at NAPO conference, and loving it! About 800 professional organizers in one place – Reno, Nevada will never be the same again. Here’s just a quick recap, as I’ve been neglecting doing any posting – sorry about that! So, here’s the lowdown:

Peter Walsh was our keynote today. You gotta love a guy who speaks his mind with passion and conviction. One of the best things he said today:

Imagine yourself in your “clutter” (whatever that is). Visualize it in your mind……. Did you see yourself surrounded by it? Now, consider this:
Imagine yourself on a road with your clutter on either side of you, not surrounding you, but on either side.

Profound, don’t you think? Here’s my take on that:
Travelling that road with your stuff on the sides, you choose what you take with you. It’s a choice. You choose what you take on your journey. LOVE that.

Also, I met a boat load of organizers who have business blogs. I’ll post more on this later (with pictures). I had a GREAT time. So fun to put names and faces together. We had a short round table where we all introduced ourselves, and lots of “oh, that’s you!” going around the room. Too funny. Gotta love it!

More later…..

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