Meeting a Stationery Designer and Pioneer

Recently I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Ms. Chris Plantan, Architect and Founder of russell+hazel, at a Design Presentation & Trunk Show. The event was hosted by Office, a local retail shop and gallery in Portland, Oregon. Ms. Plantan and her VP of Sales cheerfully shared some creative processes, enlightening information about the office product and stationery industries, as well as some insights into the fashion world. Ms. Plantan also shared that her grandparents were inspirational in the creation of several products and also in the company’s name. How incredibly sweet is that?
Russell + Hazel is a fashion forward line of stationery, binders, pens and other products we use everyday. They are high quality, stylish and not your everyday pad of paper!

Stationery stores have long fascinated me – I could get lost (and have) in the pen section alone. So honestly, meeting Ms. Plantan was a treat to say the least! What’s not to love about a company that makes everyday things as nice to look at as they are to use? 😉

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