Live Authentically

I came across this site, Authentic Living, through an article I read by Melissa at The Inspired Room. I felt like this page was a reflection of my own mind and how I think about life. Have you ever had that happen?

Change isn’t easy.

I wrote a while back about how my life changed when I started organizing my home office. I feel strongly that many people go through life living unconsciously, wandering around like zombies…. sleep, wake, eat, work, eat, work, eat …. repeat. What would life be like if we stopped for a moment and asked ourselves, “Am I living the life I want?” It’s a dangerous question! Why? Because what if the answer is “no”? Would we have to do something about it? Would we feel compelled to change something?

Start with something small.

Maybe something drastic isn’t necessary to live more authentically. It could be something as simple as looking at things from a new perspective. If the way we live our life isn’t authentically us, what could change – right now, today? Maybe it’s as simple as ordering a coffee that’s new, organizing and purging a file cabinet, taking a walk for lunch or writing a note to someone from the past.

Get rid of what matters.

To me, living authentically means listening to that soft whispering voice inside. Listening and watching for inspiration will come if we’re tuned into that deepest part of ourself. Then, creating a home or work space that is a reflection of who we truly are. Getting rid of what doesn’t matter and giving honor to what does; isn’t that what life is all about?

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