Learn Something New in the New Year

New Year Resolution #8:
Learn Something New

8 Days of Resolutions

This series is all about the top New Year Resolutions. One of those is “Get Organized”. Have you ever made this resolution? How did it go? Did you do a “crash & burn” weekend on Jan. 2nd and everything was back to the way it was by Jan. 10th? Try using organization as a tool for whatever change you desire. You may surprise yourself!

Learning goes beyond the educational halls.

Learning is part of life.  It seems too many of of stop when we leave school.  It’s understandable – you realize you can read for pleasure and not for a test the next day.  Learning seemed hard then, a struggle and a thing many choose not to do when they aren’t forced to.  But, does learning really stop when we get the diploma?

Alternative: Lifelong learning starts with curiosity.

Four years ago, I was curious about blogging.  I wanted to learn how to do it.  I liked to write, and yet couldn’t bring myself to write regularly.  I thought blogging would be a good way to get in a practice of writing on a regular basis.  So, I did some research, listened to those who had done it successfully and read up on the subject.  I didn’t know a plugin from a widget, or how it was possible for a stylesheet to cascade.  But, I started with a purpose in mind, and I plugged into the WordPress community.  I found mentors and people who were doing what I wanted to do.  I joined in the conversation, read other blogs and took on little projects along the way.  Little by little, I learned.  It wasn’t always easy.  Blogging is much more than just producing content (who knew?).  Could I be better at it?  Of course.  There is still so much to learn, so I have time in my calendar to make sure I am moving forward.

No better time than today.

Start today, don’t wai.  Is there something you want to learn?  Is there something you need to learn?  What’s holding you back?  What would it feel like to be have that knowledge or skill?

Here’s a few organization tips to help you learn something new:

  1. Pick one thing you are interested in, and write it down.
  2. Research a class at your local community college or go to your local library with a notebook and pen to take notes.
  3. Mark time on your calendar to continue learning and practicing your new skill.
  4. Start a file or an envelope, and put your research in it.  If you have more information, use a small portable file box.  Make it easy to maintain and organized enough to find it later.

If you are ready to learn something new, when will you start?


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2 thoughts on “Learn Something New in the New Year”

  1. Graet post, Brandie! I am starting something new this year… ok, lots of new things from a Conference and Conference Focus group to a local committee to build a library! 🙂 I am excited about all my goins-on and simply must get better organized. 🙂

    My problem is trying to make too many tasks, but I am working on that. 🙂
    .-= Kelli´s last blog ..Have You Ever Heard of Rain Harvesting? =-.

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