Label Tags: 5 Quick Steps to Make Your Own

I love to label things to make them easier to find, and sometimes I like to make mine a little more original.    I did this simple little project in about 10 minutes.  Here’s what you need and how you do it:

What you need:
Rub-on letters
Ribbon or string

1.  Spell out your label with rub-on letters.
2.  Apply them to the label.
3.  Remove the metal ring.
4.  Thread your ribbon onto the label.
5.  Tie it on.


How you can use them your office:

7 thoughts on “Label Tags: 5 Quick Steps to Make Your Own”

  1. Oooohhh, Brandie, Thanks for sharing this tip. I’ve actually printed tags and used the ‘tag maker’ & supplies in the past, but your way is so much quicker!

    Anyone want a ‘tag maker’? I know where you can get one…JK!

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