Is Simplicity Simple?

OK, so go with me here for a little bit: there is much talk about “simplicity” these days. There are countless books, articles and magazine splashes on the subject. Would you think that simplifying your life would be easy or simple? Well, that is really different for everyone. Simplicity can meat a lot of things:

  • Simplify a Process: eliminating or reducing the steps it takes to do something
  • Simplify Your Lifestyle: downsize to a small house, car, less clothing, appliances, etc.
  • Simplify Your Calendar: filter and edit out the things you really don’t need, want or love to do
  • Simplify Your Email: stop checking it every 30 seconds
  • Simplify Your Room: edit or declutter your furniture and things in the room to make a room work better
  • Simplify by Proxy: hire someone to do something for you – haul in new appliances, take away a donation, etc.
  • Simplify Your Move: organize your stuff so you can find what you need at your new house

So, there’s lots of stuff that you can simplify – and of course, so many that I have not even mentioned here. But here’s the tricky part about simplifying – it’s not always simple or fast. Just like organizing, simplifying is a process – a journey almost. It’s a way of sifting out the fluff and extra stuff so you can get on down to what you really want. It takes some self-reflection and some courage. No doubt, whatever road you embark on, whether it’s from the list above or not, there will be someone who isn’t happy with your new choices. Guess what? C’est la vie. It’s your life, so simplify at will – but know it will take work. And hey, isn’t having a life, space, workday, relationship, or whatever that is really what you want worth that effort? You decide.

2 thoughts on “Is Simplicity Simple?”

  1. I found the “don’t check your email every 30 seconds” to be a VERY useful tip.
    Even though I want to be all high tech, I changed my Outlook settings to every 30 minutes. That way, I get soooo much more done vs checking my outlook screen every 48 seconds or responding to a ping and breaking my concentr… my email just hit, gotta ago.


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