Is Clutter Always Stuff?

Have you found yourself wondering at times in your life why you feel so overwhelmed?  Maybe you have “stuff” lying around and maybe you don’t.  Clutter in piles, clogged cabinets and overly full schedules can be a sign of something going on internally.  This can be a tricky thing to pin down, but worth consideration and thought….and some questions for reflection….

Is “clutter” always tangible?

Some questions to ponder:

Is the proverbial clutter always just stuff you can touch?
Could it be a schedule that doesn’t reflect your desired direction?
Do you have habits that are no longer useful or just need to go altogether?
Are ingrained, or long-held beliefs due for a head-on challenge?
Or …. yikes….gasp…. wince…..Is it time to cut off a business (or personal) relationship no longer adding value?
Is it really only the tangible things that clutter up our environment?

When is it time for a change?

If clutter really is an external sign of something going on inside our own mind, wouldn’t the gate could swing the other way?  Meaning this:  Could the uneasiness that we sometimes feel, without clear cause or explanation, be a struggle that is on the “back burner”?  Many people quietly struggle with situations, relationships or otherwise life-affecting intangibles that silently make their mark on their fatigued minds.  Do we let those things pile up until they get us to a breaking point?  Should we allow that to happen?  Do we know when it’s time for a change? Have we even allowed ourselves to think about such a change?  When do we say, “Enough is enough”?  Is it important, or even necessary, to “feel” ready to change, or do we just step forward?

Ask yourself this:  Do you have intangible clutter in your life or business?

6 thoughts on “Is Clutter Always Stuff?”

  1. Thanks for this reminder! Clutter, for me, is less about the mess on my desk and more about the chaos going on in my mind. If I can start each day with the goal of working from a clean slate (and keeping it this way throughout the day), I know I’ll not only be more productive, but I’ll also be happier! It amazes me how many layers there are to the discussion about office productivity, which I also blog about (
    Cheers, Jesse

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  2. I have been thinking about how to organize the digital photos lately. I have everything (for at least part ofthe time) organized at home, but those hundreds/thousands of pictures in folders by month? I’ve NO idea how to organize that! And at this point, I don’t even want to try!

    One other thing, that I’m dealing with presently with the 31 days to BBB with ProBlogger is the sheer volume of possibilities on my (work) blog. There are too many ideas, and it is intimidating to even try to think of what to post next…

    Cathys last blog post..Let me Introduce you to Mike

  3. I would agree that it’s not always bad, UNLESS it’s impeding your life and causing a problem. This is the case with many of my clients.
    That being said, I don’t think that “neat” = “organized”. Plenty of people have “neat” offices, but they can’t find a darned thing.
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Good because my desk is a mess and I hear it from a lot of people. I tell them I know where everything is, so it works for me…….and when they see my desk neat, that means i finished everything.

    But I think this only applies for desktops, because having clutter anywhere else would have not purpose. If clutter is in a closet or laundry room, then I believe those areas would have to be disorganized. I also agree with you that if those type of areas are in a continuous mess, then there may be some underlying issues.

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