Inspired Office Designs: A Perk of Startup Life

The days of the office being decorated with grey walls, brown desks and black chairs are slowly fading away. Research and managers have started to realize that staff is a lot more productive if they have a working environment which inspires them. Productivity is not the only thing which improves; there is a visible difference in staff morale and happiness at work; leading to a decrease in staff turnover.

Creative spaces will create imaginative, forward thinking individuals; here are some of the best current designs:

Office Environment


Firms such as ICRAVE are offering a minimalist environment with natural wood effect and a hotel lobby feel. This creates a space to work and feel relaxed, encouraging and stimulating their staff. The workspaces are all flexible which allows employees to integrate or work alone, depending upon their needs.


Firms such as Google have realized that an area to play in is more than just a space to utilize when staff are entitled to breaks. Google’s Zurich office has a basketball court, a massage room, an aquarium where employees can relax in a foam filled bath, a sky lounge, a jungle, movie room and even a fireman’s pole. This fun atmosphere is designed to encourage creativity. When employees are struggling to come up with something new or a solution a time to relax or play can make all the difference.


Every business is different but an easy way to add style and improve productivity has been utilized by Canadian firm BICOM. An open plan office has been separated by creating house like pods; these provide coziness and comfort whilst still allowing everyone to feel part of the same team. Every pod is different, allowing an employee to work in the one that most reflects there mood for that period of time. There are various items of stylish furniture scattered around to create the showroom feel.

Modern Office EnvironmentGames

Mind Candy is the firm which brought you the Moshi Monsters. The office space has been designed to encourage game play, relaxation and fun. The atmosphere is positive and the effect is to boost the morale and productivity of the workforce. The offices includes astro turf carpets, slides between floors and a wooden gingerbread house which is used as a meeting room. There is also a quiet area which has been designed to look like the home of the hobbit and a coloring in wall which will completely distract and then refocus any employee.


Set the atmosphere in any space by adding feature lighting and wood paneled walls. Artificial real fires can add a warming effect and help to create an atmosphere that suggests a vintage but contemporary theme.


Google Japan has an office which is adorned with bright colors and patterns. It is inspiring and motivational, although may even be distracting at times! Even the furniture has been designed to reflect the positive, upbeat environment that staff work, and play in. It may not be the office that most appeals to you but it is certainly a memorable one!

Customized cubicles

Some firms go the extra mile and provide every one of their employees with a personalized cubicle. The design is created in conjunction with the employees and no two cubicles are the same. Although this office is still laid out in the old fashioned cubicle design, every cubicle is inspiring and the firm has a very relaxed attitude to staff moving around the premises to ensure maximum productivity and integration. Handmade furniture pieces are equally important. They add a touch of innovation and originality to the space, thus creating a personal vibe. Custom furniture is cool and beautifully adorned. Funky chairs, glass tables with underneath compartments, relaxation sofas with side storage space, and desks with multi purposes are all great furniture ideas to make the work environment appear fun to pleasant to work in.

Unique Office Slide

The Hidden Room

Three Rings are a game development company and have customized desks created for each employee. The entire office is built like a game, inspired by the Jules Verne novel, ’20,000 Leagues Under The Sea’ and even includes a secret room! Today’s modern start-up must look different in order to grab attention, and create the perfect working environment. A pleasantly-looking office entices both workers and clients. It is the smartest way of making your business set apart from the competition.

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